I was so tired of my dead plants on the porch, I know we are not past freeze status, but i’ll just cover them.  OH – and pretzel dogs.

The flu (happy new year) and things that make me happy

So, even though i HAD a flu shot in October before my Italy trip, I managed to get it anyway!!  How much does that suck?  Well, call me up and I’ll let you know, i can’t say that many expletives and other bad words on the internet.  I really felt bad, who knew a fever of 102 at my age would make me want to call a priest!  really!  and then…i started feeling better, after getting some antibiotics for a secondary infection (ears), then Diane came down with it!  Typhoid George started the whole thing just before Christmas, although he never had the fever and body aches.  He sucks.  Yes.  I said that.

Anyway… more cool sunrise photos.


I did some baking today, having a craving for some coffee cake style muffins.  While these are REALLY good, it was not exactly what my taste buds were looking for – I will have to try another recipe.  I will have to direct Val to this post, since she got me this really cute cupcake stand for Christmas.  It’s adorable!


I finally tried making my own flour tortillas this evening and was really less than thrilled.  The recipe called for 2 tsp of baking powder – wayyy too much, so it’s back to the drawing board.  also, the recipe said it made 12, i could have easily gotten 24 out of it, these things were too big and too fluffy.  Oh well.  At least it’s supposed to rain this weekend, so more cooking, baking, or whatever.  Tonite it’s Ancient Aliens – a tribute to the guy who died on my birthday.  The show is fun though.