Cobbler and more


Busy day in the kitchen.  I made 5 pints of plum jelly, 4 pizzas for the freezer, 1 calzone (we ate that), 4 chicken pot pies, and 4 dozen plum dumplings.  I have finally used all of the italian prune plums i bought for this year.  i think i bought too many…making those dumplings became a real chore this afternoon.


Meet Bugsy…

or maybe we’ll call him just BUG… we have been thinking of adopting for a couple of months now, pugs need pug friends, and Teah needs a snuggle buddy. They aren’t snuggling together yet, but it’s only been a day. Anyway – he’s pure cuteness…a snaggle-puss…and his tongue hangs out when he sleeps. it’s really cute.